Stockus Pre-ICO Stage

The Pre-ICO will start at 13:00 GMT on the 30th of January

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To buy STT tokens, send your ETH to:

I agree with Terms & Conditions and ready to purchase STT tokens

You should send ETH only from your own ETH wallet. Do NOT send ETH from wallets of exchanges or wallets from which you don’t have private keys (Freewallet, Coinbase etc.).

The recommended gas limit is 100 000 GAS which cost 0.00000002 Ether (20 Gwei). Unused gas will return.

Use current QR-code for transactions.


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Why invest in us during the Pre-ICO?

Your investment will make an impact! Our team will be able to upgrade the trading platform, build up the marketing campaign and improve the mechanisms within Stockus’ ecosystem.

Be first to play our tournaments and get bonuses from the community. You will be the priority players for us, as you understood the importance of our project from the very beginning!

The returns that you will make the Pre-ICO token purchase are very high. Note, that we will consider the Pre-ICO successful if our funds is more than 180 ETH. Otherwise, we will return collected cryptocurrency.

The exchange rates for our tokens

0.2-0.3 USD

During the Pre-ICO

0.5-0.8 USD

During the ICO


After the ICO

Token distribution

Short-term allocation structure of the Pre-ICO funds

How to get Stockus Tokens step by step

To participate in the Pre-ICO for tokens you need to send ETH to the Stockus Ethereum wallet address. The Pre-ICO address will be available at

Please follow 3 steps below. Alternatively you can follow more detailed instructions ENG, RUS.

1. Get Ether (ETH)

You can buy it in a cryptocurrency exchange.

You may choose,, or any other of your choice.

Important: do not send your ETH directly to Stockus from exchange!

2. Transfer ETH to a compatible wallet

You have to use ERC-20 compatible wallet in your personal use, meaning you have private keys for this wallet. Recommended wallets are:

  • MyEtherWallet
  • Metamask
  • Mist
  • imToken

There are many INCOMPATIBLE wallets, please make sure your wallet meets the criteria mentioned above before sending ETH.
Wallets as follows are known to be INCOMPATIBLE wallets and this is not a complete list. Do NOT use any of the wallets as follows for Pre-ICO participation:

  • Any Bitcoin exchange
  • Any Ethereum exchange
  • Jaxx
  • Exodus
  • Coinbase

–    Make sure that the Gas is set below 150000 when you will make the transaction. It is important for the proper transaction accomplishment.

    Make sure that the date when you are sending the ETH to our account corresponds to the dates of the Pre-ICO

3. Send ETH to Stockus Ethereum address

Get Stockus wallet address on Send the preferred amount of ETH to this address. Take into account that you will be charged for the gas (payment for transaction in Ethereum network). Recommended amount of gas is 100 000 GAS which cost 0.00000002 Ether (20 Gwei). Unused gas will return.

That’s it. You have just bought Stockus tokens